1. Amiina – Rugla
  2. Múm – A Little Bit, Sometimes
  3. Au Revoir Simone – Sad Song
  4. Björk – I See Who You Are
  5. Charanga Cakewalk – Melodica
  6. Gogol Bordello – Alcohol
  7. Vampire Weekend – One
  8. Psapp – Hi
  9. Project Jenny, Project Jan – Chinatown Bus
  10. Diplo – Must Be a Devil
  11. James Figurine – All The Way To China
  12. Dntel – Roll On
  13. PJ Harvey – When Under Ether
  14. Björk – The Boho Dance
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  1. Yey! this was great. I tried to go to sleep to this but i kept staying awake while tucked into the covers waiting for the PJ Harvey song.

  2. how is it i just now noticed this was here?
    …and what will it take to get you to burn this to an olde-timey compacted audio discus for me?
    miss yr face

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